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Skydio integrates with AirData

Josh Spires | 07 February, 2022 | The Sphere Drones Blog

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At the beginning of this month, American drone company Skydio announced its integration with AirData, allowing data collected from Skydio drones to be shared with the AirData data management and flight analysis platform.

With the advanced autonomy of Skydio drones, flying is safer and less complicated than ever before. The enhancements to safety and ease of use are yielding greater productivity for industries using Skydio systems. As these benefits are realised and an organization’s drone fleet grows in size to capitalise on them, new challenges start to emerge. For instance, managing a multitude of flight logs, meeting compliance requirements, and keeping track of upcoming maintenance needs.

Fortunately, Skydio drones are continuously capturing all of the data needed to meet those requirements. With the new integration of Skydio Cloud with AirData, this complex data is harnessed automatically to make your drone fleet more powerful and easier to manage. We are excited to announce that this integration is now available to all Skydio Cloud customers using AirData for fleet management. This will empower our customers to be even more productive and safe with their Skydio drones, which is key to our mission.

AirData provides immediate visibility to the performance of your aircraft by analysing a wide variety of data including the environment, flights, and more. See where your drones are in their maintenance cycle and get recommended service schedules which will, over time, help identify potential issues and ensure safe flights. AirData also generates reports for submission to civil aviation authorities to ensure regulatory compliance. This is all done automatically through flight log uploads which eliminate the need to manually record your flight details, saving time and reducing data entry errors.

When it comes to needing accurate and timely flight information for transparency and accountability, police departments in our early access program are already finding immense value in this integration. In order for a department’s drone program to succeed and grow, officers need to focus on keeping the community safe and not get bogged down with data collection, transfer, and reporting.

Skydio drones with advanced autonomy empower officers to concentrate on their job rather than piloting a manual, difficult-to-operate drone. AirData similarly empowers officers by handling time-intensive, data-related tasks automatically. Many other industries with burgeoning drone programs will experience similar enhancements to efficiencies as they scale.

Getting started

Connecting Skydio Cloud to AirData is simple. Follow the instructions with screenshots below or visit Skydio's Support article here for more detailed instructions.

First, generate your Skydio API token

generate API key

Provide a Token Name

provide token name

Enter your Skydio API token on AirData

enter api on airdata

add api key

Next, start uploading Skydio logs to AirData

Now that your Skydio API key is on AirData, your Skydio flight logs will now be brought into your AirData account from Skydio Cloud.

Flights will automatically synchronise between Skydio Cloud and AirData when you view your AirData flight list from a web browser for the first time that day. If you view your flight list multiple times in a day, click on "Sync" next to the pilot's API token to force a sync between Skydio Cloud and AirData. If you do not view your flight list daily, automatic synchronisation will occur weekly.

Source: Skydio

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