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Norway, Wingcopter complete autonomous power line inspections

Josh Spires | 11 July, 2022 | The Sphere Drones Blog

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All over the world, power grids span thousands of kilometres of land. To date, electricity companies mostly rely on helicopters to inspect their power lines. However, helicopters are not only expensive and loud, using them can also bear serious consequences if things go wrong.

The Wingcopter 178 gives us flexibility to perform our autonomous power grid inspections on our customers' entire grids. The speed and agility of the drone, combined with its system reliability, makes Wingcopter a trusted partner that enables us to scale our operations globally. - Håkon Kjerkreit VP of Services KVS Technologies


Norwegian company KVS Technologies develops AI-driven software to carry out autonomous drone-based power line inspections and monitoring of power grids.

For long-range tasks they rely on Wingcopters, eliminating the need for traditional helicopter inspections, while at the same time increasing operational safety and efficiency for the utility industry.


Using Wingcopters for power line inspections proves not only to bring about big pay-off in terms of safety. It is also much more efficient since drones do the job in the exact same way each time, making it easier for customers to compare data sets over time.

Finally, it is also better for the environment, both in terms of reduced carbon emissions and reduced noise pollution.

Source: Wingcopter

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