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How to conduct drone maintenance with Curo

Josh Spires | 24 March, 2021 | The Sphere Drones Blog

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Sphere Drones’ drone management platform Curo has maintenance built-in to its core to ensure drones and related assets can easily be managed and maintained without the need for a second system. Today we will take a look at how easy it is to conduct drone maintenance directly from Curo.

Maintenance reminders

Curo tackles maintenance before you and your team even starts to think about it. All drones and assets logged in Curo have a field that allows you to enter the last time routine maintenance was done, with it sending you a reminder based on a selected time period (e.g., six months, one year). This means maintenance records no longer have to be kept outside of Curo, saving time and effort.

Logging maintenance

When it does come time for maintenance to be done, Curo will automatically send out a reminder to selected users. Once you are inside Curo, you head over to the cases menu option and open a new case. From here, you fill out the required fields, ensuring you select maintenance as the request type. On this form, you will also select the affected asset and hit submit. From there, everyone in Curo will know what the issue with the drone is if it’s not routine maintenance and won’t use the drone until the status is updated to closed.

Interested in learning more about Curo or have a question need answering? Feel free to reach out to our sales team to find out more. If you want to read more on Curo, check out the articles below.

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