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How Curo makes drone record-keeping easier

Published by Josh Spires on 17 February, 2021, updated on 27 July, 2021.

How Curo makes drone record-keeping easier

Drone record-keeping and maintenance logs can be tricky to manage and keep in order. This is where Sphere Drones’s Curo platform comes into play. Curo is the first and only drone platform combined with end-to-end client support services.

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority or CASA requires commercial drone pilots to keep pilot logs, operational logs, training logs, and technical logs. In the event of an incident or audit by CASA, these records will be called upon to prove your drone program is being operated with safety and regulatory compliance in mind.

Curo solves the problem of how and where to keep these logs by linking and automating the many sources of the required information and providing transparent access to these records to those who need it.

Operational logs

Every time a drone hits the sky on a mission, Curo tracks the data and smartly interprets it by linking the drone asset, battery asset, pilot, start and finish time, operational area, and the actual flight path. This allows high-level oversight of the many technical rules and operating conditions which govern drone operations. This information is available to program administrators (Chief Remote Pilot, Maintenance Controller, Managers) to ensure the specific operation is compliant.

Pilot logs

All flights performed by a pilot must be tracked and logged along with their basic information and license details. Curo takes this a step further and ensures the pilot stays within the drone weight category stated by their specific license, as well as verifying their currency and training on each model of craft. The total flight hours and type of operation, VLOS, BVLOS, or EVLOS, are also recorded in accordance with CASA’s requirements.

Training logs

Curo links all of the logs created by the pilot and drones to a user profile. This allows any training the pilot has had to be stored in an easy-to-access location. This includes the certification date, course content, and any related models and competencies.

Technical logs

The technical log covers any maintenance, repairs, servicing, technical specifications, defect reporting, and any subsequent documentation, including Certificates of Airworthiness. Curo congregates all these records into a profile for each asset, condensing the record-keeping trail into an easily viewable and informative format.

Interested in learning more about Curo? Feel free to request a demo to get the full experience of what using Curo is like.

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Interested? Talk to our team

For inquiries or more information, please fill out the form below, and our team will contact you as soon as we can.