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How Curo has simplified drone compliance and record-keeping

31 March, 2021 | The Sphere Drones Blog

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Curo has drastically simplified drone compliance and record-keeping for individuals and large organisations by providing them with a central platform capable of logging, storing, and keeping track of all the legally required data, with the added benefit of giving the user insight into their drone fleet.

Spreadsheet after spreadsheet

Many drone pilots and companies stored drone-related logs by manually entering all of the information into various excel spreadsheets with complex macros calculating figures that aren’t always accurate. There were usually many of these spreadsheets all linked together, making it complex to keep track of and even harder to hand it over to the regulatory body if they wanted to audit them.

Curo completely changes this. With Curo, you no longer need these super complex spreadsheets and temperamental macros. All of the logs, from pilots, drones, and maintenance are now kept in the cloud, accessible to any device with an internet connection.

Each pilot also has their own profile, something that doesn’t exist on a spreadsheet. This profile allows each pilot to be linked to all of their flights and the drones used, along with their training information, license status, license type, and allows admins to control what they can access on Curo.

Folder after folder

For the things that have often stayed paper-based because it’s easier to do and can’t easily be integrated with spreadsheets, Curo also solves this big problem.

Pre-flight and post-flight checklists are often done with a pen and paper, ticking through a task list. Curo allows checklists and any other documents, photos, or videos to be uploaded to the cloud as an easy way to access it and store it in a safe place. Those pesky paper-based invoices and maintenance reports your always looking for can also be stored on Curo, removing the need to keep anything in the physical world.

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