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EcoFlow DELTA series comparison

Published by Josh Spires on 23 February, 2022, updated on 23 February, 2022.

EcoFlow DELTA Series Comparison

The EcoFlow DELTA series offers industry-leading portable power stations for home backup, power outages, and outdoor adventures. This portable power station comparison breaks down performance by capacity, output, portability, solar capability, battery chemistry, and more, helping you quickly find the right product for you.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro

EcoFlow DELTA portable power stations come in all shapes and sizes, with plenty of features that give you power for pretty much any situation. Before we start comparing each unit, we’ve prepared a simple breakdown of 6 tips to consider when choosing a portable power station. Here’s everything you need to know.

Capacity: 3.6-25kWh Expandable Capacity

A huge 3.6-25kWh expandable capacity means you can power your home during extreme blackouts for days on end. A single DELTA Pro unit gives you 3.6kWh of capacity, which you can use for several hours of heavy-duty use. And if that’s not enough, you can expand your capacity up to a huge 25kWh. That’s enough capacity to power you through almost anything.

Output: 3600-7200W Expandable AC Output

With a single DELTA Pro unit, you have access to a 3600W AC output, which expands up to 4500W with X-Boost. This massive AC output is ideal for powering window air conditioners, washing machines, and other heavy-duty devices. If you require even more output, you can connect two DELTA Pro units together with the EcoFlow Double Voltage Hub. That will give you 7200W, 240V, which is more than enough to power your electric heaters during a storm, dryers, and other heavy-duty devices. And it doesn’t stop there either. The EcoFlow DELTA can be connected to your home circuits with the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel, giving you 7200W directly through your home circuits. In other words, that’s all the AC output you’ll ever need.

Portability: New Wheelable Design

DELTA Pro has a new upgraded design compared to other DELTA series portable power stations. It features two wheels at the bottom of the unit and an extendable handle, which means you conveniently carry 3.6kWh of power around.

Fast Charging: 6500W MultiCharge

Yep, you read that right. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro offers a record-breaking 6500W MultiCharge feature that lets you charge up as quickly as 1.8 hours.

Solar Charging: 1600W Solar Input & Rooftop Solar Integration

If you're looking for a solar generator to upgrade your home with cost-effective renewable energy, DELTA Pro ticks all the boxes. Not only does it give you an extra way to stay powered on, it also helps you lower your daily energy bills. Get rooftop solar integration and up to 1600W solar input to charge DELTA Pro in as quick as 2.8 hours. For off-grid power, you can also connect portable EcoFlow solar panels to the DELTA Pro. And for an extra level of convenience, the 11-150V voltage range makes DELTA Pro compatible with 90% of third-party solar panels with MC4 connectors.

Battery Chemistry: New LFP Battery

The DELTA Pro is the only portable power station in the EcoFlow DELTA series to sport an LFP battery. As a portable home battery LFP batteries offer more life cycles offers 6500+ cycles, which means you can continue to use it for years on end before it reaches 50% of its original capacity.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro: The Final Verdict 3h>

In addition to having the biggest capacity, output, and the most advanced power options of all the DELTA series portable power stations, DELTA Pro also integrates with an entire ecosystem of products including the EcoFlow Smart Generator, Extra Batteries, the Smart Home Panel, and more. Throw in 3400W EV station charging, 6500W MultiCharge, smart energy management, and more — you’re looking at the most advanced leap in portable power station technology to date.

EcoFlow DELTA Max

The EcoFlow DELTA Max is a portable power station built for home backup and power outages. You get an expandable capacity up to 6kWh, dual charging, a 800W solar input, and brand-new features to help you stay powered on during any emergency.

Capacity: 2-6kWh Expandable Capacity

A single DELTA Max unit offers a huge 2kWh of capacity, which gives you hours of runtime to power your devices. You can even expand up to 6kWh with up to 2 EcoFlow DELTA Max Smart Extra Batteries, ideal for powering your home devices during extended blackouts. And if you’re looking for more capacity options, you can also pick up the DELTA Max (1600).

Output: Huge 3400W AC output

Just like the DELTA Pro, DELTA Max features X-Boost technology, which lets you power heavy-duty devices with ease. DELTA Max offers a huge 3400W AC output that keeps your fridge, dryer, and other devices running in a power outage.

Portability: 2kWh at 48 lbs

DELTA Max weighs in at around 48 lbs, which puts it at the heavier end of the EcoFlow DELTA series. Despite this, it still retains a similar handheld design that made the original DELTA so easy to move around. This means you have a 2kWh battery that can be transported easily, wherever you are.

Fast Charging: 3400W Dual Charging

With just a single DELTA Max and a wall outlet, you can charge up from 0-80% in just 65 minutes. Want to turn it up a notch? Combine the DELTA Max with the EcoFlow Smart Generator to get up to 3400W charging speeds. For added convenience, you can also combine AC wall charging with solar charging to get 2600W charging speeds, or combine the EcoFlow Smart Generator and solar charging to get 2600W. The choice is yours.

Solar Charging: 800W Solar Input

One of the best things about solar charging is it gives you a clean, reliable way to stay in power during tricky situations. The EcoFlow DELTA Max steps up to the table with a large 800W solar input, which you can achieve by connecting it to 2x 400W EcoFlow Solar Panels. It also has a 11-100V voltage range and a MC4 connector, letting you connect other third-party solar panels if need be. And even during cold or cloudy days, the EcoFlow MPPT algorithm automatically detects voltage and current to give you the most efficient charging possible. Solar generation doesn’t get much easier than this.

Battery Chemistry: NCM Battery

The EcoFlow DELTA Max utilizes a NCM battery and the EcoFlow Battery Management System. That means you get a battery that lasts for years. 800 cycles to 80% capacity to be precise.

EcoFlow DELTA Max: The Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a portable power station for home backup, power outages, or just to give you and your family peace of mind, the EcoFlow DELTA is a reliable and industry-leading option. In addition to an expandable output, you also get dual charging, which gives you three ways to charge up, as quickly as 0-80% in 65 mins. DELTA Max also pairs up with the EcoFlow Smart Generator for emergency backup power. There’s also an EcoFlow app that lets you control and monitor DELTA Max remotely.


The original EcoFlow DELTA is still one of the best portable power stations on the market. It has a big 1260Wh capacity that lets you keep your essential devices charged up during power outages. It also weighs only 30.9 lbs, which makes transportation and powering up on the go a walk in the park.

Capacity: Large 1260Wh Capacity

With a 1260Wh capacity, the EcoFlow DELTA gives you enough runtime to charge essential devices like lights (10W), a fridge (120W, AC), a microwave (1300W, AC), and more. The EcoFlow DELTA (1000W) is also available for purchase if you’re looking for a different capacity option.

Output: Huge 1800W AC output

The EcoFlow DELTA has 6x 1800W AC outlets that provide enough power for essential devices and power tools. You can even power up to 13 devices at the same time, which keeps the whole family powered on during blackouts.

Portability: 30.9 lbs Lightweight Design

Portable power stations are designed to be light. Use them at home, throw them in your truck, and carry them around during off-grid trips. The EcoFlow DELTA is no exception to the rule, weighing in at around 30.9 lbs and sporting a simple grip design for easy carrying.

Fast Charging: 1200W X-Stream Charge

The EcoFlow DELTA was the first EcoFlow portable power station that featured fast charging. It can charge up from 0-80% in just 1 hour, setting the standard for battery-powered generators.

Solar Charging: 400W Solar Input

Looking for a solar generator? Connect up to three EcoFlow 160W solar panels to DELTA to charge up with 400W as quickly as 3.5 hours. Say hello to clean, green solar power.

Battery Chemistry: NCM Battery

The EcoFlow DELTA features a NCM battery. The EcoFlow Battery Management System automatically regulates current, voltage, and temperature. In terms of the battery lifespan, you’re looking at 800 cycles to 80% capacity.

EcoFlow DELTA: The Final Verdict

The EcoFlow DELTA is your best bet if you’re looking for a reliable portable power station for emergencies or a portable power supply for off-grid adventures. It has a big 1260Wh capacity, 6x 1800W AC outlets, and charges up super quickly. Power your essential devices and stay in charge with the EcoFlow DELTA.

EcoFlow DELTA mini

Coming in at just 23.6 lbs, the EcoFlow DELTA mini is the smallest and lightest portable power station in the EcoFlow DELTA series lineup. But don’t let size fool you, it still packs a punch with a 882Wh capacity, 1400W output, a 300W solar input, and more.

Capacity: 882Wh Capacity

The EcoFlow DELTA mini offers a 882Wh capacity, which is enough to keep your devices running when you’re on the go.

Output: 1400W AC output

Whether you’re powering camera equipment or devices in your home, DELTA mini gives you plenty of possibilities with a huge 1400W output. You can also power up to 12 devices at the same time.

Portability: 23.6 lbs Ultralight Design

If portability is the most important thing you’re looking for, the EcoFlow DELTA mini is a perfect portable power option. Quite literally a mini power station, it comes in at around 23.6 lbs. That’s power you can take with you anywhere.

Fast Charging: 900W X-Stream Charge

Plug into any AC wall outlet to charge up the EcoFlow DELTA mini from 0-80% within 1 hour or to full in just 1.6 hours.

Solar Charging: 300W Solar Input

Solar generation is super easy with the EcoFlow DELTA mini. Connect up to two 160W EcoFlow Solar Panels to DELTA mini to charge up fully in as quick as 4 hours. And because it’s such a small portable power station, you can harness the power of the sun pretty much anywhere with ease.

Battery Chemistry: NCM Battery

Just like the EcoFlow DELTA and EcoFlow DELTA Max, the EcoFlow DELTA mini features a NCM battery chemistry, giving you 800+ cycles to 80% capacity.

EcoFlow DELTA mini: The Final Verdict

If portability is at the top of your list, the EcoFlow DELTA mini is an excellent choice for home or away. This portable battery generator packs a large capacity and output inside the smallest frame the DELTA series has to offer, making it ideal for emergencies, outdoors adventures, or for any situation when you need portable power on the go.

Source: Ecoflow

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