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Paris Cockinos | 23 May, 2017 | The Sphere Drones Blog

On the 24th of May 2017 DJI will re shape the world of consumer drones, rumoured to release the DJI Spark. Half the size of DJI Mavic the spark is speculated to include a 3-axis gimbal with the capabilities of being able to create an immersive VR experience utilising DJI's later VR release DJI Goggles.

DJI Spark

DJI has processed a number of revisions to their patent 'battery exchanging base stations' enabling the drone to automatically land, charge/swap out and take off with out hands on interaction. Could this be included in the DJI SPARK? We will find out tomorrow!


DJI Spark released in Australia 24th of MAY 2017, featuring DJI Goggles

Image 1: DJI Goggles + DJI Spark



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