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DJI Mini SE vs DJI Mini 2: what are the differences?

Josh Spires | 20 October, 2021 | The Sphere Drones Blog

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DJI recently released the DJI Mini SE, a low cost updated version of the original DJI Mini at a lower price. Let's look at all the differences to make sure you choose the right one.

The Mini 2 and Mini SE are identical in dimensions at 140x82x57 mm Folded and 160x202x55mm Unfolded. Both come in at under 249 grams and feature the same 1/2.3" sensor capable of 12MP photos. Both drones can withstand wings of up to 37.8kph per hour. 

In terms of compatibility between the two, the batteries and propellers can be interchanged as well as the charging stations.

The differences

The DJI Mini 2 can record 4k 30fps video while the Mini SE can only record at 2.7k 30fps. The Mini 2 uses the same upgraded controller found on the Mavic Air 2 and Air 2S which allows it to be controlled from up to 10km away, where the Mini SE can only go a maximum of 4km. The Mini SE features the same controller as the original Mavic Mini.

The Mini 2 also has a flight time increase of one minute to 31 minutes and can reach a top speed of 57.6kph while the Mini SE can only reach 46.8kph.

The pricing is another big difference. The Mini SE comes in at $459 and $619 for the fly more combo. The Mini 2 starts at $749 and the fly more combo is priced at $949.


The Mini 2 and Mini SE are essentially the same physical drone with two different feature sets to hit two different pricing categories. While the 4k is great for some people other might not need it and the extra cost isn't worth it to them.

Mini SE Mini 2

Dimensions (LxWxH)

140x82x57 mm Folded

160x202x55mm Unfolded

140x82x57 mm Folded

160x202x55mm Unfolded

Image Sensor Size

1/2.3 Inches

1/2.3 Inches

Max Photo Resolution

12 MP

12 MP

Max Video Resolution



Video Transmission Distance

4 km

10 km




Max Flight Speed

46.8 kph

57.6 kph

Max Flight Time

30 Minutes

31 Minutes

Max Wind Resistance

37.8 kph

37.8 kph

Cost (at Mini SE launch)

Table via

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