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Boston Dynamics' Spot visits FDC Contruction for Inspections

Josh Spires | 02 November, 2021 | The Sphere Drones Blog

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Last Friday the Sphere Drones team, along with CEO Paris Cockinos visited the FDC Construction & Fitout team in Sydney, Australia. The visit saw the Boston Dynamics' Spot robot dog traverse a construction site, inspecting areas too dangerous for humans and completing a routine inspection.

What did Spot do?

During its time with the FDC team, Spot showed off its skills in inspections and traversing a dangerous environment. Spot was used to enter an area that is too dangerous for a human to enter, allowing it to be thoroughly inspected and data captured without the worry of someone getting injured. Spot also entered an active environment with heavy machinery in use. If a human were to go into this active environment a cherry picker would have been required.

Another area Spot excels in is routine inspections. The FDC team put Spot to the test with its routine inspection throughout its construction site ensuring it is capable of the task.

Why Spot?

Thanks to the omni-directional sensing built into Spot makes it the perfect choice to go with. Spot can see and dynamically avoid obstacles as they come into view, and if Spot does fall over for any reason, it can right itself within a minute or two and continue on its way.

Thanks to the way Spot has been designed, it is more of a platform than a complete solution by itself. On top of Spot, there is a series of mounting points and connections for data and power, this allows Spot to be used with a wide variety of payloads such as gas detection, LiDAR, the famous arm, and many custom options.

Watch Spot in action

Interested in seeing Spot in action? Spot, along with our CEO Paris Cockinos was on Channel 9 across Australia. You can read the Channel 9 article here. Below is a video shot by Sphere Drones.

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