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The benefits of using Subsea ROVs

Published by Josh Spires on 02 November, 2021, updated on 28 July, 2022.

The benefits of using Subsea ROVs

If you haven't already be sure to check out our article on What are Subsea ROVs? to get a better understanding of the topic. Subsea ROVs have are used across many different industries for more jobs than you can think of thanks to the many benefits they bring to the work they are doing.

Quick deployment

Thanks to its ease of use and small size, Subsea ROVs can be quickly and easily deployed within a few minutes. This makes it a perfect solution for emergency and a getting the job done in a timely manner.

Minimal maintenance

Subsea ROVs are built to withstand the toughest environments with watertight components and out finish made for use in the water. This means minimal maintenance is required to stay operational, and when maintenance is required its nothing big.

Extended dive times

Thanks to the design of Subsea ROVs they can stay in the water for hours at a time, even longer if required. The tether that contains power and communications ensures the Subsea ROV always has contact with the surface and has power. The length of missions depends on how long the Subsea ROV can stay under water for and the amount of power you have for it on the surface.

Video recording

Most Subsea ROVs are equipped with a camera of some sort. This means data can be recorded while being viewed in real-time by the operator and team on the surface. This also means the video can be looked over later and compared with other dives.

Work in confined spaces

As Subsea ROVs come in many sizes there is sure to be one that can fit into confined spaces that a human isn't able to. This means never before seen areas can be reached and inspected, improving safety and coverage.

Improved safety

As humans no longer need to do most of the work, act as an extra set of eyes, and do the small intricate tasks, Subsea ROVs can enter the more dangerous areas and report data back to the divers.

Easy to use

Thanks to the intuitive design system and the ability to automate drive paths Subsea ROVs are relatively simple to use. Teh controller provided with most Subsea ROVs is like a game controller, the only learning curve is understanding the movement and how to control it properly.


Subsea ROVs are a cost-effective alternative to humans and manned submarines as they are much smaller, run for longer, and don't require a person to be underwater when in use. All of this means Subsea ROVs can be purchased and up and running for a fraction of the cost of common alternatives.

Source: Deep Trekker

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Interested? Talk to our team

For inquiries or more information, please fill out the form below, and our team will contact you as soon as we can.

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