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Mapping and Aerial Photography with the drone

30 November, 2015 | The Sphere Drones Blog

Until now, the method of measuring the volume of a landfill site was to have a licensed surveyor on site capture GPS points to create a contour plan that could be used to calculate a grand total volume. With the drone, this process not only reduces the cost and risk of this process but also captures the total volume of the site in less than an hours time.

The drone has the capacity to capture a landfills digital surface model (DSM) that shows accurate control points whilst measuring volumes and comparing surfaces. UAVMAP have also mentioned the benefit of using the drone to capture a 3D animated fly through of a landfill project to visually demonstrate the site and project. The digital surface model captured by the drone has proved to determine how much more fill can go into a landfill site which will further benefit planning purposes and reporting.  

How cool!!!

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