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Drones used for construction

24 November, 2015 | The Sphere Drones Blog

SYDNEY, NSW: 19 November 2015 - Using a drone on a construction site is currently being tested in the US. According to an article posted on Equipment World, the drones are being carried out as an experiment to see the type of data it can provide a construction company. Richard Evans, who has had 30 years in the field as well as 20 years experience in the IT industry is the mastermind behind this collaboration. For him, using a drone will enable his company to “integrate aerial imagery of a site prior to construction and try to integrate a 3D model over that” he says. Using a drone will digitalise a geographical terrain of an area for construction so we can bring that into the architects model. 

Using the drone has not only improved the work of construction workers and the detailed information given to architects, but has also improved the way a property is marketed. The aerial video photography captured by the drone can ‘show-off’ a property to high-profile clients and give a property a competitive edge over other clients. 

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