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Drone photography changing the face of real estate

Published by Paris Cockinos on 07 October, 2015

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SYDNEY, NSW: 07 October 2015 Gone are the days where real estate agents would depend on stand alone images of bedrooms, bathrooms and lounges to draw customer attention to listed properties. 

Real estate agents are now turning to the use of drones as a way of capturing a birds eye view of the neighbourhood they are marketing to potential buyers. Capturing aerial motion photography through a drone has the ability to show off a property within its surrounds in a detailed context to further engage buyers and viewers. It is cost effective for property marketers and vendors, and also allows property marketers to compete creatively. 

Capturing photographs and videos from a birds eye view through a drone will visually provide as much detailed information to potential buyers as possible. This could include a focus on key features of the property and neighbourhood such as schools, transport facilities and local community attractions such as parks and cafes. In addition, the drone can produce videos that can promote the lifestyle of the area and attract the most suitable buyers for the property. 

According to digital publisher, Vanessa Paech, from, “owner occupiers want to learn about the neighbourhood as much as they want to know about the property itself”.

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Want to know more?

Ask your questions below and our team will get in touch with you.