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3DR Robotics Solo - World's First Smart Drone

Published by Paris Cockinos on 21 April, 2015

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Sphere is proud to announce 3D Robotics NEW Solo Quadcopter it is the world’s first smart drone incorporating various breakthrough technologies. The NEW 3DR Solo is the first drone to make radical breakthroughs with autonomous flight and cameral control. Additionally the 3DR Solo is the first consumer drone to 100% support GoPro cameras and wirelessly tether live HD video straight to android or iOS Devices.

We expect stock to filter through to Australia in July/August, saying this no price point has been distributed to us yet. Keep an eye out here for price however we currently have a list of those interested. Please email with the following details:

  • Name:
  • Mobile Number:
  • Email:
  • Gimbal or No Gimbal:

Solo has the capabilities of unrestricted access to GoPro controls mid flight, the RTF (out-of-the-box) setup allows you to unpackaged the drone, charge the battery and fly - experiencing effortless smooth flight characteristics.

3DR’s patented SMART SHOTS unlocks the capabilities of autonomous flight including:

  • Follow Me (complete hands-free, keeping a subject centre frame at all times)
  • Cable Cam (free to pan and tilt whilst drone flies along a virtual cable)
  • Orbit (wraparound shot by locking an object centre frame)
  • Selfie (perfect projection for the ultimate scenic selfie)

General Specs of the 3DR Solo:

  • Flight time: up to 25 min without payload, or up to 20 min with GoPro and Solo Gimbal
  • Controller battery life of up to 4 hours; built-in rechargeable battery (8 hours with optional extended battery)
  • Weight: 1500 g or 1800 g with Solo Gimbal and GoPro
  • Autopilot: Pixhawk 2
  • Video latency: 180 ms
  • Wifi range: up to 1km, depending on environment

cable cam

follow me



Want to know more?

Ask your questions below and our team will get in touch with you.

Want to know more?

Ask your questions below and our team will get in touch with you.