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Drones capture the aftermath of Sydney Storm

Paris Cockinos | 08 June, 2016 | The Sphere Drones Blog

For those of you living in Sydney, there was no sight of sunlight over the weekend as Sydney faced what was described as a 'Super Storm' (SMH). Northern beaches suburb, Collaroy, ‘copped a battering’ with ‘waves up to eight metres high’ lashing on the shoreline. Wild winds, heavy rain, coastal erosion and an east coast low all contributed to the damage in addition to the wave heights that drove the storms (SMH). 

ABC have revealed footage captured by a drone that shows the disastrous effect the weather had on Sydney in various areas, with particular focus on the destruction to property along the NSW coastal boarder. 


Photo Credit: Collaroy Beach Front, UNSW WRL


Video Credit: Drone Footage of Sydney Storm, UNSW WRL


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