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Google is Pushing for '5G' Internet Drones

Published by Jack Cockinos on 13 April, 2016

Sphere Drones default blog image

Owning a mobile phone or laptop is a basic necessity for anyone living in a developed country. They provide us with one key feature that connects us to all continents of the globe, internet access.

Imagine a day without checking Instagram, Facebook or spending lunchtime Online Shopping. Seems pretty common for us 'lucky' ones... This however is not the case for those living in underdeveloped regions. According to Technology Review, four billion people do not have access to internet. 

Tech giant, Google have acknowledged this concern and have been working on a project that will change internet access entirely.

Google are currently testing solar-powered drones that are capable of beaming high-speed internet back to Earth. Their aim is to use high-frequency millimetre wave transmitters that could be used to provide 5G wireless Internet access, up to 40 times faster than 4G systems used today (The Guardian, 30/01/2016) Quite futuristic!

Autonomous drones (featured in the image below) would make up a network, powered by solar energy, to deliver this internet like a blanket across the world.

Google has received much praise for their willingness to connect two-thirds of the planet without access to internet. 



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Want to know more?

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