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DJI Matrice 600 - Part 58 2195 Foldable Propeller (High Altitude) (CW/CCW)

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The 2195 Foldable Propellers for the Matrice 600 series are designed to ensure continued flight reliability when flying the Matrice 600 series at 2500 meters above sea level or higher.

DO NOT use the 2195 Foldable Propellers at altitudes lower than 2500 meters above sea level as this may cause motor damage.

In the box:

Propeller CCW (Propeller + Propeller Adapter) ×1

Propeller CW (Propeller + Propeller Adapter) ×1

Screws pack ×1

Service Ceiling Above Sea Level: 2500m - 4500 m
Diameter×Thread Pitch: 21×9.5 inch
Weight (Single Propeller): 78 g