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Delair DT18 AG

Delair DT18 AG - Sphere
Delair DT18 AG - Sphere

Delair DT18 AG

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BVLOS, Multispectral Imaging,
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The Delair DT18 AG is a fixed-wing long range, mini UAV agriculture mapping drone.  Now exclusively in Australia through Sphere Drones, it is the perfect solution for agriculture, environmental and vigneron drone mapping applications. Hand launched and certified for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), it has an impressive 2-hour flight time and includes the MicaSense RedEdge Multispectral camera. These two features enables Agronomists, Environmentalists and Vignerons to map chlorophyll maps and vegetation indexes over large areas: economically, accurately, autonomously - easy. The Baby Bear autonomous telemetry tracking antenna enables confident directional tracking of the drone during BVLOS operations.
  • 1 x DT18 AG UAV
  • 1 x DT18 Spare Airframe
  • 1 x Baby Bear antenna 
  • 2 x Solapp flight control software licenses 
  • 1 DT18 UAV Battery pack + charger
  • 1 DT-Launcher catapult for DT18 UAV (Dimensions* : 138 cm / 50 cm / 20 cm)
  • 1 DT18 Accessory Kit (screw set, pitot, fail-safe system, wing joiners)
  • 1 DT18 Training (5 days for 2 trainees) at Delair Training Center + video tutorials & manuals
  • 1 Calibrated Reflectance Panel
  • 1 Technical support (hotline, software upgrades, video tutorials)
  • 1 One-year warranty


 EnduranceUp to 120 min
 Weight (payload included)2 kg
 Wingspan / Length1.8 m / 1.2 m
 MaterialComposite (fiberglass, carbon, kevlar)
 Deployment time5 min
 Take off / LandingHand launched or catapult / Belly (no damage to crops)
 Cruise speed61 km/hm (33 kts)


 Sensor nameMicaSense RedEdge Multispectral Camera
 Narrow & calibrated spectral bandsRed, Green, Blue, Red Edge, Near Infrared
 Resolution (GSD)4.8 cm @ 70 m AGL / 10.2 cm @150 m AGL
 Width x Height960 x 1 280 pixels
 Image acquisitionConfigurable (standard: 1 ima/sec.)