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Aerial Services - Real Estate


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In the competitive real estate market, it’s critical to have an edge and the ability to present your properties in the most innovative and visual way possible. Here at Sphere, we aim to generate greater interest and achieve higher sales outcomes for your clients through the latest in drone technologies.


Sphere delivers the ultimate competitive advantage by providing you with our superior aerial video and stills photography service. While you focus on marketing and selling your properties, our experienced, CASA-certified UAV operators will showcase every impressive feature of a property to potential buyers that simply cannot be reached through traditional photography.


Our range of premium quality drones use the latest aerial photography and filming platforms, such as the Inspire 2, to capture superior results and provide a more complete view of your property, its location and surrounding views.


Drone technology also allows potential buyers to engage with interactive visual elements, and our aerial service will deliver unique perspectives which will present your properties in the best light and allow people to map out any architectural modifications they wish to make. 


Our dedicated Sphere team members are known for their unrivalled personalised service, so if you’d like us to deliver impeccable video and photographic representations of your properties, please talk to us today.