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Take a look at our Boltek lightning detector systems

No matter whether you’re a camper, golfer, outdoor enthusiast or any other professional who works in an outdoor capacity and needs to know when and where lightning is striking, you’ll find genuine Boltek lightning detector systems at our Sphere Communications web store. From LD350 boxes to StormTracker PCI card lightning detection solutions, we have it all.

We are an authorised Boltek distributor and all of our Boltek lightning detector systems are 100% authentic: our team wouldn’t have it any other way. We understand that our customers take lightning detection seriously, as it can often be very important to their likelihoods and personal safety. That’s why our stock is all of the very highest quality and is sure to operate with the efficiency you’d expect from the Boltek name.

As a proudly Australian and family-owned business that’s been in operation for over 60 years, we’re glad to ship all of our lightning detection products across Australia. Whether you’re looking for a detection system or some Boltek accessories to augment your existing set-up, we’ll ship them right to your door at a truly competitive rate.

Get in touch with our Sphere Communications team at 1800 119 111 if you have any questions about our range of products or placing an order.