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Water-based Search and Rescue

Published by Josh Spires on 22 November, 2021

Water-based Search and Rescue

Underwater search and rescue, recovery and investigations are time sensitive operations often performed in extremely challenging conditions. In emergency situations, the first ones to enter the water are specially trained search and rescue dive teams.

From ice search and rescue, evidence retrieved in fast-moving waters to port security and hull inspections, there are many conditions that pose a threat to public safety divers who enter the water. In cases such as these, remotely operated vehicles are used to complete the task.

What is water search and rescue?

When it comes to search and rescue missions underwater a team of divers are usually required, taking time to setup, and placing people in a dangerous environment. Subsea ROVs fix both issues with setup times of less than five minutes and the ability to completely remove humans from the equation.

How does water search and rescue work?

  1. A subsea ROV is placed into the water and dives down to the right depth. From here the team on the surface watch over the footage on a large screen and tagging anything that looks suspicious.
  2. If something compelling is found, a team of divers can be deployed to rescue the person, allowing for fast and efficient rescue missions.
  3. The subsea ROV is taken out of the water, washed off, and put back ready for the next search and rescue mission.

Benefits of using subsea ROVs

  • Subsea ROVs can be quickly deployed for faster response times.
  • Multiple subsea ROVs can be used at the same time allow for improved searches and a larger radius.
  • More people can get eyes on what's happening under the water for better decision making.

Image: Deep Trekker

Want to know more?

Ask your questions below and our team will get in touch with you.

Want to know more?

Ask your questions below and our team will get in touch with you.