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Tank Inspection

Updated on 22 October, 2021 | Use Cases

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What are tank inspections?

A tank inspection is as the name states. Tanks are often inspected for safety reasons, ensuring the structural integrity is still intact and to make sure nothing is going to fail. These inspections are often done once or a few times a year, making for a costly task when doing it without a subsea ROV.

How do tank inspections work?

  1. The inspection team will take a subsea ROV and drop it into the tank.
  2. The pilot will then maneuverer the subsea ROV in the tank, inspecting areas of interest.
  3. The subsea ROV captures all the data required using an on-board camera and/or additional sensors.
  4. The subsea ROV is taken out, cleaned, and the data is then looked over to figure out the next steps.

Benefits of using subsea ROVs

  • The tanks will no longer need to be drained (depending on substance) before inspections, saving time and making the whole operation a lot easier.
  • The time it takes to drain a tank or get people to inspect the tank manually can be converted into cost savings when using a subsea ROV.

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