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Processing facility inspection

Updated on 04 November, 2021 | Use Cases

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What is processing facility inspection?

Processing facilities can cover large areas of land and are always active, meaning inspections are required often to ensure everything is running ok. This also means the environment has some risk to it that could result in a person being injured. Spot removes the human factor and automates the inspection process while capturing more data and keeping people out of harm's way.

How does processing facility inspection work?

  1. Once Spot gets the signal it will get up from its docking station and begin the inspection.
  2. Spot will follow a specific path around the processing facility, capturing photos, video, and other data depending on the payload. This data will then be uploaded once Spot is back on its dock and processed.
  3. The team will then be alerted at anything that might look odd or if maintenance is required.

Benefits of using landborne robots

  • Removes people from the job, resulting in improved safety and lessens the risk of ensuring everything is running ok.
  • Increased inspection rate. As Spot can run on its own, it can go out and inspect multiple times a day and even during the night if required.


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