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Gas Sensing

Updated on 01 November, 2021 | Use Cases

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What is gas sensing?

Gas sensing is a common occurrence on oil rigs, gas filling stations, and other sites that deal with gas in day-to-day operations. Drones or landborne robots are equipped with a gas detection sensor that send the amount of a specific gas in the air back to the operator which allows them to make an informed decision. Gas sensing can be a dangerous task as the gas could be deadly or it could be explosive, making it a huge risk for humans.

How does gas sensing work?

  1. A drone or landborne robot is deployed in an area for a routine check or specifically known to have a gas leak.
  2. The drone or landborne robot is equipped with a gas detection unit that monitors the quantity in the air. This data is sent back to the pilot and a team to decide what needs to happen next.
  3. The specific area with the leak will often get temporarily shut down until the leak is fixed.

Benefits of using drones and landborne robots

  • Improved safety as a human no longer must go in and find the source of a gas that could be deadly or highly explosive.
  • Overall costs are lowered as humans no longer need to access dangerous areas and alternative methods no longer need to be used.
  • Drones and landborne robots can be ready to sense gas within a few minutes, making response times quicker and the likelihood of something going wrong lower.

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