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Sphere Drones’ Australian expansion continues with the opening of their Perth Operation

Published by Josh Spires on 23 April, 2019, updated on 25 April, 2021.

Sphere Drones’ Australian expansion continues with the opening of their Perth Operation

Sphere Drones ideally positioned to service the West Australian top industries with commercial UAV solutions

PERTH, Australia – March 11th, 2019 – Sphere Drones, a leading Australian UAV sales, service, leasing, rental, training and solutions provider, has extended its Australian reach with the opening of their geographically important Perth, Western Australia (WA) branch.

Operating since 1954 and providing communication technology solutions to the Australian market, Sphere Drones, an integral part of Sphere Communications Pty. Ltd., began operations in 2012. Since this time and leveraging their extensive knowledge and experience in communication technology, they are now considered a leading commercial UAV solutions provider to multiple industries including commodities and logistics organisations.

In regard to commercial drone usage, it is now estimated the Asia Pacific market alone will grow to $US6.25 billion by the end of 2022 (Asia Pacific Market Research, 2018). Given this commercial demand, particularly in Australia, the governing safety body – the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), has eased regulations on commercial drone use allowing significantly greater opportunities for commercial UAV applications.

A key growth area for drone data collection is the commodities and logistics’ markets – specifically in mining, oil and gas and infrastructure inspection. 

“Australian industry and in particular, the commodity and logistics’ sectors, increasingly engage drone technology as a standard part of their operations,” said Paris Cockinos, CEO, Sphere Drones.

“These advanced drones and drone payloads are now utilised across multiple operational areas and provide a safe and cost-effective information gathering solution as well as a source of incredibly valuable and timely data. Indeed, until the advent of this UAV technology, much of this information may not have been accessible with traditional data collection methods given the vast and often inhospitable geographies these operations inhabit.”

The Sphere Drones’ Perth operation will serve as a central information and equipment repository for WA commercial drone requirements. Linked directly to its Sydney headquarters – which also operates as a state-of-the-art solutions development facility – both will work in tandem to ensure all equipment supply and application development needs are met in a timely manner.

“Our goal is to provide an on the ground and on-call service for our WA clients,” added Paris. “We can now service their needs quickly, efficiently and professionally – with minimum time or availability delays.”

Sphere Drones will continue its expansion across Australia over the next 18 months with Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Hobart all targeted for operations.

“Australia-wide coverage will ensure we can rapidly meet and indeed, exceed our clients’ commercial drone needs wherever they are located and whatever industry they are in,” continued Paris. “We already have extensive UAV solution experience in industries ranging from mining, oil and gas, construction, agriculture, telecommunications, search and rescue and viticulture. Whatever the industry or application, we are confident we can find a solution.”

To get in contact with our Perth Office email us at or call 08 6197 5003.

About Sphere Drones

Sphere Drones is a leading Australian provider of commercial UAV solutions, sales, service leasing, rental, training and consulting to multiple Australian industries from mining and agriculture to construction and telecommunications. Holding exclusive partnership and distribution arrangements with many of the world’s leading UAV brands including Delair and MicaSense, they offer clients solution and operational agility, innovation, collaboration and accountability. Headquartered in Sydney, they are rapidly expanding operations to all Australian capital cities to ensure scalable UAV services for local commercial enterprises.

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Interested? Talk to our team

For inquiries or more information, please fill out the form below, and our team will contact you as soon as we can.

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