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Adaptive tether technology

Proven in security and surveillance applications across the globe, the commercial-grade Elistair Safe-T and Light-T drone tether systems have already logged thousands of field hours in multiple applications and by organisations and governments in more than 40 countries.  

Indeed, these compact air modules with their multiple adaption kits and high-speed and secure data transfer abilities, can seemingly integrate with almost any drone providing an instant, high-functioning tethered solution.

Known in commercial drone circles as ‘persistent observation,’ these tether solutions provide continuous drone surveillance in a single location always ensuring safe flight operations, while being able to instantly, securely and continuously communicate data to the operator.

A commercial grade, smart tether station, its drone and payload compatibility, patented and computer controlled smart tether management system, programmable options and remote access ability, makes it a solution in high-demand.

Tether benefits

Application benefits include multiple sensor integration – essentially allowing both the Safe-T and the Light-T to continuously ‘self-check’ its operating status and engage a fail-safe procedure in case of any anomalies in operation.

The micro-tether itself is armoured with Kevlar and can withstand over 1500 Newtons of traction, providing a secure and almost unbreakable tether connection..

From a power perspective, both the Safe-T and Ligh-T offer a ‘smart power management’ system and industry-leading gram/watt ratio, ensuring consistent, long-term and uninterrupted power supply to the drone.

Adding to this, the flexible module allows the operator to quickly and safely switch from tethered to battery flight if required.

Adaptable to multiple platforms, the embedded Wi-Fi module streams the system status to the Elistair T-Monitor application, allowing the operator to monitor operations from a tablet or PC – not just the drone console.

The Safe-T and Light-T also enjoys proprietary software with fine-tuned control laws limiting the impact of the micro-tether on the drone flight and preventing entanglements or wear on the cable.

Overall, it is a solution that offers high-speed, secure data transfer, simple plug and fly connection and a continuous power supply.

Field ready

The module’s construction is rugged and the case outer, impact resistant. Lightweight for transport, it is easy to use and deploy in the field by a single operator.

Considered a professional workhorse and not simply a ‘nice-to-have,’ it is now widely opted for in security and surveillance applications.

Want to learn more about drone tether solutions?

If you are new to drone technology or simply want to learn more, we highly recommend you speak to a drone specialist that can advise you on both drone options and the best approach to their commercial use in tethered security and surveillance applications.

Sphere Drones is an industry leading source of information and expertise in commercial drone technology and drone solutions in Australia.

With operations rapidly expanding across Australia, they offer genuine commercial solutions, sales, leasing, repairs and rental and with some of the drone industry’s leading personnel – it is a natural first step to learning more about or identifying a solution for your commercial needs.

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