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Smart tethering solutions

The Elistair Safe-T is designed for the most demanding tether solutions. A commercial grade, smart tether station for UAVs, it offers real-time ‘persistent’ observation capability with a wide range of compatible drones and payloads. Among its many benefits is its patented smart tether management system that is computer controlled, fully programmable and remotely accessible.

Rugged & field proven

Integrated with multiple sensors, the Safe-T is continuously self-checking its status and uses fail-safe procedures in case of anomalies.
An embedded WIFI module streams the system status to the Elistair T-Monitor application, allowing the operator to monitor its operations from a tablet or PC.
Compatible with all national power grids, Safe-T integrates Elistair’s patented ultra-light micro-tether, providing a wide range of drones with continuous power.
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The compact Air Module easily integrates with your fleet’s drones enabling you to switch from tethered flight to battery flight if required.
With its smart power management, safety features, and leading gram/watt ratio, Safe-T has thousands of hours of reliable flights logged around the globe.
The system allows for safer missions in complex scenarios and provides increased protection of surrounding equipment and people.

The Elistair Safe-T leads the world in tethered, hi-technology drone solutions.

Globally deployed by end-users since 2014, Safe-T is truly field-proven. A true workhorse, it is now widely considered a powerful, rugged tool for field use. Highly impact resistant, it is easy to use and quick to deploy in the field by a single operator. The system is also designed to be simply and securely transported. The Elistair Safe-T incorporates proprietary software with fine-tuned control laws limiting the impact of the micro-tether on the drone flight and preventing entanglements or wear on the cable. It offers high-speed, secure data transfer, plug and fly connection, unlimited power supply and a fully automated smart winch

Technical specifications

Description Specification
Length 100 m | 330 ft
Weight of the micro-tether 16 g/m
Output voltage 6S or 12S
Power (output) Up to 2500W (peak)
Safety Switch (onboard) Up to 2500W (peak)
Data Speed 200 Mb/s
Tensile Strength 150 daN
Built-in Protection Electronic crowbar / Circuit - breaker
Tether Management System Automated / Tension control
Dimensions of the station 65cm x 38cm x 36cm
Total Weight 23 kg

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