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Six ways drone inspections can save you millions

Published by Josh Spires on 16 February, 2021, updated on 12 April, 2021.

Six ways drone inspections can save you millions

Drone inspections are the way forward for many industries, improving efficiency, safety, and allowing companies to save millions in costs. These are six ways the Flyability Elios 2 has allowed clients to keep in inspection costs dramatically.

Reduced need for scaffolding

Many indoor inspections require scaffolding or similar to be set up to keep the environment safe for the workers and ensure every millimetre is looked over. Not only is the structure a pain to set up it also takes a very long time in comparison to the inspection itself, which usually lasts less than a day.

An oil depot was recently able to save a massive 96% of its inspection costs by turning to drones to inspect its holding tanks. The company previously used scaffolding to inspect the tanks, taking a week to set up and pack up and more time to purge the diesel. All of this resulted in a cost of just under $37,000 ($AU48,600). The Elios 2 cut the cost down to only the price of purging the tank for a few hours and the minimal cost to operate the drone.

Reduced downtimes

When an inspection is taken out on a tank or cargo container, for example, it must be drained or cleared of any cargo, essentially shutting it down for the time it takes to complete an inspection. A cargo tanker has saved a massive $200,000 (AU$258,000) per day with the Flyability Elios 2. The inspections used to take eight days, including set up and pack up time, resulting in a total saving of $1.6 million (AU$2 million).

Reduced work hours

Since pretty much all set up and pack up is removed when the Elios 2 is used for an inspection, work hours can drastically be reduced to just the inspection time and ensuring the drone is operational. The Tennessee Valley Authority reduced inspection times by 98% with the Elios 2 from 280 hours to only 10 hours.

Reduced insurance costs

Employee insurance costs skyrocket at the sign of danger, especially when inspection teams are required to enter a dangerous environment to ensure everything is working. Having a drone going in for you removes the need for the additional insurance costs, leaving standard insurance and the much smaller drone insurance cost.

Reduced need for health & safety equipment

No longer is the inspection team required to enter the area that needs to be inspected, removing the need to have health and safety equipment for the possible dangerous gases or chemicals they might have come in contact with.

Increased inspections

As the Fluability Elios 2 makes it so easy to complete an inspection, they can now be done be on a more frequent basis, as scaffolding and other safety precautions are no longer needed. Having regular inspections will also save maintenance and repair costs in the long run.

Source: Flyability

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Interested? Talk to our team

For inquiries or more information, please fill out the form below, and our team will contact you as soon as we can.