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Flyability Elios - Elios 1 Introductory Training

SKU: 104598

  • 1 day of training (excl. travel expenses) and access to online training.
  • A good understanding of the drone
  • Readiness to perform your first simple inspection
  • Pilot Certificate
Email us at or call us on 1800 549 821 to purchase this product.

To make sure you get off to a good start, every drone comes with a one-day, in-person Introductory Training. This training allows future operators to perform standard inspections right from the first flight. We also offer online training resources covering the basic knowledge necessary to fly an Elios drone, including the online certification required to benefit from the warranty.


  • How to set up the drone
  • Specifications of the drone
  • How to recognize potential risks
  • Limits of the drone
  • How to perform basic flights
  • How to perform basic maintenance
  • How to use Inspector
  • The 8 essential flight exercises


Duration: 1 day

Participants: up to 3

Level: Beginner

Price: Please contact 

Theory: 50%

Practice: 50%

Location: Available at all official training center and at your premises.