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Mining sites are not only expansive however are often hazardous, but also subject to substantial market pressures. As a result, the Australian mining industry is always looking for ways to be more efficient, cost-effective and safe.  

Sphere’s extensive range of drones and complementary technology provides invaluable spacial data from above, and while traditional methods of data collection usually require long periods of time, UAVs can provide the same amount of information in hours. This means that the amount of time that surveyors spend on site is significantly reduced, therefore reducing costs and increasing operational productivity. 

Our advanced drone technology is easily accessible on the worksite or office, and

can assist with automated stockpile calculation and slope grading, tunnel inspections, surface stability monitoring and spatially accurate mapping of steep and inaccessible inclines. Importantly, surveying with ground control points (GCPs) features <1cm accuracy data capture.

Using Sphere’s extensive range of drones, mine and quarry managers are also able to remotely – and conveniently – conduct feasibility studies, plan blasting and extracting activities, undertake thermal detection of ground water inflows, monitor extractions, identify misfires and wall damage, and take immediate action when required.  

If you want to increase operational efficiency and add value and to your mining operations, chat to our knowledgeable, experienced team at Sphere today.