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Prior to the introduction of drone technology, various industries and agencies including telecommunications, technology, government, waste management, insurance, agriculture, construction, surveying, and mining relied on time-consuming - and sometimes inaccurate or flawed – aircraft mapping operations. 

Now, UAVs are the most powerful tool for safely capturing accurate aerial data quickly. Importantly, they can also create aerial maps and 360-degree virtual tours in real time, even before they’ve landed.  

Sphere’s extensive collection of drones deliver greater detail, higher map resolution and have the capacity to measure vital areas in centimetres, as opposed to metres. Taking advantage of our drones and mapping technology, you can also create collaborative maps and 3D models.  

In the field or in the office, GIS professionals can access and analyse geo-referenced aerial images and high-fidelity reconstructions of sites, allowing teams of professionals to make smart, efficient decisions.

At Sphere, we understand the power of mapping drones and how they can make your business more productive, so chat to our experienced team today.