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What is drone maintenance? Preventative, ongoing, and emergency

Josh Spires | 22 March, 2021 | The Sphere Drones Blog

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If we were to break down what drone maintenance is into its simplest form, it is the process of checking, fixing, and replacing any damaged parts. Drone maintenance can be broken down into three main types, preventative, ongoing, and emergency.


Preventative maintenance is always the kind of drone maintenance you want to be doing. This, as the name states, prevents small issues from becoming a large problem. Seeing a potential issue and then taking your drone in for maintenance will ensure it stays in the air, reduces downtime, and most importantly, lowers maintenance costs in the long run.


Ongoing maintenance is similar to preventative maintenance when it comes to downtime and costs but works a little differently. Ongoing maintenance can be compared to servicing a car, there might be nothing wrong with it, but you take it in to get checked out anyway. It is always a good idea for a drone to have it checked and maintained after so many flight hours.

Not only will it ensure all the parts are in working order and ready to go, but it can also pick up something that’s broken or could cause issues along the way. Software is also checked, ensuring the drone performs at its best with the latest features and no bugs.


Emergency maintenance is the one that no one wants to do as it means something has gone horribly wrong or the above two maintenance types weren’t done. This type of maintenance usually happens after a part has broken or the drone has failed somehow. At the same time, emergency maintenance fixes the issue. It usually takes longer and costs more than preventative or ongoing maintenance.

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