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An overview of our custom drone solutions

Josh Spires | 18 February, 2021 | The Sphere Drones Blog

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Often when a company wants to introduce drones to its workforce, a custom solution is required. This is why we offer custom drone solutions to support our clients better.

Our facility

As arguably Australia’s leading organisation in the commercial UAV solutions space, we have skills and experience across mining, agriculture, surveying, search and rescue, and surveillance applications, to name a few.

At our solutions development (R&D) facility in Sydney, we continuously work with new and existing clients from various market segments to understand their industry, challenges, and needs and then leverage our team, knowledge, and experience to develop custom solutions that work.

What custom solutions can we provide?

We can create pretty much any solution that you might need, as long as it can fit under a drone. We have a team of hardware and software engineers that can build prototype devices using the latest 3D printing technology in a short amount of time. This allows us to find and issues and integrate fixes into the design quickly.

We are always happy to talk to commercial clients looking to get a specialised job done with a drone. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our offerings and what our capabilities are.

Custom solutions we’ve built

The custom solution we are most excited about is our water sampling solution. Sydney Water came to Sphere Drones to efficiently sample water from a drone. Through working with Sydney Water, we built the Water Sampler, and later the now current Water Sampler V2.0.

The Water Sampler V2.0 has allowed Sydney Water to substantially increase its water sampling operations’ safety, efficiency, and productivity. In direct comparison to previous manual testing, the solution dramatically reduced the time taken, the fuel needed, and the personnel required to undertake the same sampling procedure.

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