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3DR Solo (Worlds First Smart Drone) - Takes on Sydney Harbour

15 September, 2015 | The Sphere Drones Blog

SYDNEY, NSW: 15 September 2015 – The new 3DR Solo drone completed its maiden voyage over the iconic Sydney Harbour this morning, capturing awe-inspiring footage of Sydney’s most famous landmarks. 

Taking off from the world-heritage-listed Cockatoo Island - 3DR Solo, the first drone designed with every aspect of the photographer’s experience in mind, captured 360-degree video of the island and harbour using its Smart Shots technology. 

“Today, we were able to capture the rich beauty of Sydney’s harbour with limitless imagination”, said Colin Guinn, Chief Revenue Officer for 3DR Robotics. “This is the first time Solo took flight in this country, and we look forward to more Australians using Solo's Smart Shots technology to capture automatic cinematic video in the wonder of their own backyard.”

Find it here: 3DR Solo



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