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Curo Flight Advisory

Live updating no-fly zones

Ensure your operations are safe and legal with live no-fly zones, including:

  • Airspace (Controlled, Danger and Restricted)
  • Controlled Aerodromes, Non-controlled Aerodromes, Heliports
  • Marine Parks
  • Powerlines
  • Emergency Services

Select your flight area

Select your flight area by entering your location or by using our drawing tool, allowing you to see no-fly zones or warnings show up in the Flight Advisory.

Choose your operation

Ensure you are following the correct regulations by selecting the type of operation you are completing.

Learn more on CASA's website.

  • Recreational
  • Commercial Excluded
  • ReOC

Operational Compliance

Managing your RPA compliance and risk, Curo will ensure you tick all the boxes.

Maintenance Program

All inclusive Biannual maintenance and reminders to keep your assets operating risk free.

Flight & Pilot Records

Data rich record keeping from flight logging, pilot and operator tracking and data analytics.

User Profiles

Record keeping of individuals’ details and credentials and the ability to assign access.

Asset Management

Record keeping across procurement, registration, tracking, ownership and maintenance.

Data and Analytics

Informative and meaningful data available via the Curo dashboards and also available for extraction.


Automated email notifications and alerts across a range of functions, triggered by customisable events.

Order Management

A single portal to track and query all Drone program-related purchasing records.

Sphere Drones Support

Expert service, support and knowledge from the people who know your operations best.