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Why drone record-keeping is important

Josh Spires | 24 February, 2021 | The Sphere Drones Blog

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Like all things in this world, record-keeping is a big part of commercial drone operations, keeping them safe and legal. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of maintaining up-to-date logs on your drones, pilots, and flights.

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Regulatory compliance

The big one when it comes to drone record-keeping is regulatory compliance. Here in Australia, CASA requires all commercial drone pilots to keep various logs on themselves, the drones, and the operations. This means that CASA can audit you or your company at any time to ensure you are within the law.

Safety improvements

Having records and logs of all your drone-related operations also benefits you. Having easy-to-access logs on a platform such as Curo allows you to quickly check up on maintenance records for a certain drone to know if it can be sent out on a mission or needs to stay back for maintenance. This ensures only the airworthy drones are used while the others are repaired.

Cheaper insurance

Like most insurance, drone insurance is calculated from many factors, including the risk level of operations. Having a log of all your previous drone flights and maintenance records not only tells the insurance company that you’re a safe flier but that you’re also compliant and less likely to break the rules, lowering insurance costs.

Valuable data

Something less thought of when it comes to record-keeping is the valuable data that can be pulled out of it. For instance, if you have a fleet of drones and one constantly needs to be repaired, you can check which pilot is flying it and the flight location to determine a possible correlation. You can also track the number of flights, flight hours, and the estimated flight time before a specific drone needs maintenance work.

Selling drones

Not many people know that CASA states that someone wanting to purchase a drone from you can ask for all the pilot, flight, and maintenance logs before making the decision. If it’s another company purchasing the drone from you, they will most likely ask for this, and if you don’t have it or can’t show them, you will have to find another buyer.

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