How it works

  • Ticket Submission

    Send us your enquiry via the form displayed

  • Case manager assigned

    Assistance will be available as soon as possible

  • Package and dispatch to Sphere Service Team

    Send through your product

  • Assess

    We will review your product request

  • Repair or Return without Repair

    We will review your product request

  • Return to Customer

    You will recieve your new package in 2-4 days

How it works


Q. What does the $150.00 assessment fee cover?

The $150.00 assessment fee is an initial payment that is required upon sending in your aicraft to Sphere. This will cover the following:

  • Case Mobilisation and Management
  • Express Shipping to and from our repair centre.
  • Asset Registration
  • Preliminary assessment up to the quotation stage.
Q. What is the overall service process?

Please see below service process.

1). Ticket Submission
2). Case Manager Assigned
3). Package and dispatch to Sphere Service Team
4). Assess
5). Repair
6). Return to customer.

Q. How long does it take to repair my product?

It takes approximately 7-10 business days to repair your product after arriving at Sphere’s Service Team. Please note, this is subject to peak periods and public holidays.

Q. How much will the service cost?

It depends on the specific issue. We cannot provide a definitive cost unless the unit has been sent in for Sphere to quote.

Q. Who is responsible for shipping fees?

Sphere covers shipping and handling to and from our service centre. Shipping and handling must be arranged by the customer upon sending to Sphere. Please note, logistics vary by region.

Q. What components should I ship?

For repair: It is recommended to send in the defective product along with the remote controller together for testing. If the propellers, SD Card, charger and battery are functioning normally, they are not required for shipment.

For replacement: It is recommended to send us the entire product set, including all components, packaging and accessories.