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Reduce RPA risk

The AVCRM RPA Manager will substantially increase the efficiency and reporting accuracy of UAV operations. With encrypted access, username and secure login, the system allows select users - for example, the Chief Controller and Remote Pilot, to be significantly more informed and in a more timely manner. This helps increase the ability to react to items such as a job approvals, hazards, risks, incidents and accidents - and all in real time.

A single software solution

With completely customisable inspection items, RPA Manager allows you to create reports for each aircraft (drone) and of the type of operation you are running
RPA Manager's integrated airspace maps automatically identify fly and no-fly zones and assist in identifying the correct radio frequencies to allow appropriate buffers
Controller and aircraft logs are linked to every job to ensure they are always accurate and up-to-date. They also show the pre and post-flight checklist from the job manager
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An in-depth defect management process allows users to follow a reported defect through every stage of repairs through to commissioning
Operators can use RPA Manager’s customisable templates to carry out CASA required inspections on any mobile device in an online or offline mode for remote area operations
The safety module allows operators to manage ALL safety needs in a single location. This dramatically improves post -incident communications and maintains an up-to-date risk register

A paperless operations software application for complete compliance and risk management

Commercial UAV organisations must ensure any remote pilot has the correct qualifications, licenses and is suitably trained. Industry regulations for remote pilot paperwork and reporting are time consuming and in a busy operating environment, items are easily forgotten putting the operation at a safety and compliance risk.

With RPA Manager, all reporting tools are now instantly available including job creation, SMS incident/ accident reports, NOTAMs, pilot logbooks, total time in service logs, defect and maintenance logs and much more.

All of these functions are easy to access, complete and manage from the RPA Manager application. In addition, any items can be easily searched, viewed, printed, emailed or simply achieved for later retrieval.

This is THE ideal software solution for professional UAV operations.

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