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A complete UAV mapping solution that cuts cost, saves time and pushes the limits - without GCP's


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The complete solution

The mdMapper 1000DG features Microdrone’s hard-working md4-1000 UAV that covers more area per flight and has the longest flight time on the market. It offers superb stability and resistance to rough winds, harsh weather, hot temperatures, high voltage, and strong magnetic fields. In short, a truly professional mapping and surveying package.

Empowering aerial mapping

The mdMapper1000DG achieves significant cost savings, the highest accuracy and dramatic time savings – all with no ground control points.
No ground control points needed! Simply collect your images and post-process in less time, more safely and with fewer resources.
Dramatically reduce your time on post processing and data collection thanks to decreased ‘side lap.’
image graphic
DG allows quality control ‘on the go’ with these checks not possible using RTK or other conventional surveying methods.
Achieve a remarkable 80 x 40 overlap, dramatically reducing time and cost spent on projects.
Add to benefits leading flight times and resilience against harsh elements and you have the perfect solution.

An advanced aerial photogrammetry package perfect for a wide variety of applications

Robust, powerful, stable, versatile and dependable, the mdMapper1000DG is perfect for area mapping and surveying across construction, inspection, mining and LiDAR applications.

Featuring a 42.4 megapixel Sony RX1R II camera paired with a lightweight and vibration-free mount, it includes ‘Smart’ batteries for maximum flight endurance and a flight planning module to carry out automated flights.

Supporting this, a compact single-board module with survey-grade GNSS receiver and a precisely calibrated IMU for mapping.

For simplicity, a Digital Data Link so you can conveniently connect your UAV to your digital devices and with proven, professional controls and telemetry, you stay in control when you need it most.

Technical specifications

The mdMapper 1000DG commercial grade specifications highlight professional outcomes across aerial mapping and surveying applications. A truly professional solution, it has been equipped to manage multiple applications across diverse and often hostile terrain. With no GCPs required, it leads the market in post processing efficiency.

  • General Overview
  • Flight Parameters
  • Post-Processing
  • Advantages
General Overview
Description Specification
Payload up to 2.7 lbs (1.2 kg)
Flight time up to 45 minutes depending on conditions
Area covered in one battery charge up to 198 ac (80 ha)
Sensor Sony RX1R II (42.4 megapixel camera)
GNSS/IMU Applanix APX-15-L UAV
Georeferencing method Direct georeferencing technology with Nadir mount
Flight Parameters
Description Specification
Area Covered (@120m) 80 ha (198 ac)
Camera model Sony RX1R II
Imagery format RAW + JPEG
G.S.D. cm/pixel (@120m) 1.6 cm
G.C.P. No
Overlaps (front/side) 80% / 40%
Description Specification
Method Optimized Aerial Triangulation / GNSS-Inertial Solution
Orientation High precision Sensor (INS)
Position High precision Sensor (GNSS)
Accuracy 2 – 3 GSD (X,Y) and 3 – 5 GSD (Z)
No GCP needed
Efficient flight planning – cover greater areas
Efficient post-processing (EO apriori and less images)
Enables Corridor Mapping

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