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Aligned to your business growth

Engineered by professional for professionals, the Microdrones’ mdMapper1000PPK is German engineered throughout the entire solution design, resulting in industry-leading flight times, incredible resistance to harsh conditions and smart integration. Its Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK) ability which combines high-resolution aerial photography with high-accuracy topographic data, features a dual band GPS/GLONASS receiver (on board) to allows cm-level position referencing of orthomosaics and 3D models and minimising ground control points (GCP).

Resilience. Convenience. Performance.

The perfect solution for users that desire professional outcomes without breaking the bank. Perfect for those that plan to upgrade to DG in the future and are happy to at PPK level with 1-3 ground control points.
The Microdrones mdMapper molding process keeps all electronics and wiring protected from the elements. The system is resistant to rain, sand and salt, so you can fly in almost any conditions
The robust carbon fibre construction makes easy work of a rough landings and also insulates interior components so you can fly at more extreme temperature and humidity levels.
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The smart auto pilot system instantly responds to changing winds to maintain the proper flight attitude. For mapping applications, this stable flight delivers more accurate and precise data.
Only 1-3 ground points are required for applications from mapping and construction to agriculture and volumetrics.
Compact, single board module with survey grade GNSS receiver. IMU is present and ready for DG when you are ready to upgrade.

Work smarter, faster and more cost effectively regardless of your application

The Microdrones mdMapper1000PPK will significantly reduce time spent on projects, deliver unparalleled data quality and ultimately become invaluable to your clients’ success. How? The mdMapper1000PPK has been specifically designed for professional enterprise applications from surveying, mapping, inspection, construction, mining, volumetrics and precision agriculture. This is a complete integrated solution that will grow with your business as it has been cleverly designed to allow for not only your current needs, but with hardware and firmware upgrades - future needs and applications.

Technical specifications

  • General Overview
  • Flight Parameters
  • Post-Processing
General Overview
Description Specifications
Payload up to 2.7 lbs (1.2 kg)
Flight time up to 45 minutes depending on conditions
Area covered in one battery charge up to 198 ac (80 ha)
Sensor Sony RX1R II (42.4 megapixel camera)
GNSS/IMU Applanix APX-15-L UAV
Flight Parameters
Area Covered (@120m) 80 ha (198 ac)
Camera model Sony RX1R II
Imagery format RAW + JPEG
G.S.D. cm/pixel (@120m) 1.6 cm80% / 40%
G.C.P. Yes: 1 – 3 GCPs, depending on application.
Overlaps (front/side) 80% / 40%
Description Specification
Method Aerial Triangulation with high precision positioning
Orientation High precision Sensor (INS)
Accuracy 2 – 3 GSD (X,Y) and 3 – 5 GSD (Z)

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