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A professional, yet cost-effective package that offers a UAV with the longest flying time on the market. The globally renowned md4-1000 UAV enjoys robust aerial ability and manoeuvrability for multiple, mapping applications - so you can not only fly longer but with greater certainty in regard to outcomes. The md1000 is also extremely ‘weather-proof’ being able to operate in extremes from alpine cold to desert heat and beyond.

A full-circle solution

A true workhorse, the mdMapper1000 is a professional, highly adaptable, yet cost-effective UAV solution for multiple applications.
The md4-1000 UAV boats the longest flight times on the market - up to an amazing 45 minutes without a battery change
Regardless of flight conditions from rain, snow, ice, wind or heat - the 1000 can and does thrive in adverse conditions
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From area mapping and surveying, construction, mining, volumetrics, inspection and agriculture - the 1000+ can manage it all.
The 1000 has a lean, proprietary operating system that can be customised to meet the specific needs of your application and industry
You can execute automatic final approach landing, conduct waypoint missions and land with minimal operator intervention

Beautifully adaptive with accessory kits for precision agriculture, inspection, Lidar, and Direct Georeferencing.

You have the flexibility to expand your use and flight time with mdMapper1000. It features the best-selling md4-1000 UAV so users also enjoy the critical advantages of a larger aircraft. It is also renowned for its flight stability including resistance to rough winds, harsh weather, hot temperatures, high voltage, and even strong magnetic fields. It also features (as one option), the industry leading Sony a6300 & Mount 24 megapixel camera paired with a custom, lightweight, vibration-free, nadir mount to capture all the images you need. For additional flexibility, it includes a digital data link which allows you to simply connect via your own digital devices.

Technical specifications

  • General Overview
  • Flight Parameters
  • Post-Processing
General Overview
Description Specification
Payload up to 2.7 lbs (1.2 kg)
Flight time up to 45 minutes depending on conditions
Area covered in one battery charge up to 148 ac (60 ha)
Sensor Sony α6300 (24.2 megapixel camera) and nadir mount
Georeferencing method Aerial triangulation with GCP
Flight Parameters
Description Specification
Area Covered (@120m) 60 ha (148 ac)
Camera model Sony α6300
Imagery format RAW + JPEG
G.S.D. cm/pixel (@120m) 2.4 cm
G.C.P. Yes
Overlaps (front/side) 80% / 40%
Description Specifciations
Method Aerial Triangulation
Orientation Calculated during the A.T.
Position From UAV GNSS Reciever
Accuracy Depends on ground control point (GCP) accuracy and distribution

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