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The Edge is a hybrid tricopter fixed-wing aircraft.
• Take off and land from anywhere, using Flightwave’s patented Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL technology)
• Hover like a tricopter, fly like an airplane – Seamlessly transition from hover to forward flight and back again
• Requires no nets, catapults, or other cumbersome ground equipment to operate, no runway necessary
• Swappable Twist-Lock Payload System – fly multiple missions using a single aircraft
• Touchscreen ground control station allows for flight planning with a touch of a finger or take manual control with ease

Experience the FlightWave Edge fixed-wing VTOL aircraft

FlightWave's enhanced autopilot technology allows entire missions to be planned and executed with a few swipes. Autonomy spans multi-rotor and fixed-wing flight via exclusive thrust-vector control, allowing for seamless transitions without pilot input or manual control. Leverage numerous pre-programmed mapping and other missions or design your own in seconds. Embedded payload controls allow camera or other sensors to point and swap modes easily.
Edge allows payloads to be swapped in seconds with no tools or special equipment - no need to buy a new aircraft for every camera or sensor. Its payload interface is open and available to anyone interested in getting new technology in the sky quickly and inexpensively.
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Independent tilt-pod technology enables vertical takeoff & landing with smooth transitions to forward flight, even in high winds. Thrust vector control and a sophisticated autopilot allows Edge to fly without any tails or control surfaces.
• Agriculture
• Maritime
• Oil & Gas
• Energy
• Public safety
• Conservation

Military-grade UAS

The Edge VTOL tricopter is a consumer-priced, military-grade UAS designed for long-range, long-endurance missions. It incorporates the best features on the market in one package: vertical takeoff & landing capabilities, automatic transition between hover and forward flight modes, and quick, tool-free payload swapping. Revolutionary technology delivers autonomous flight, superior endurance, optimal efficiency, and seamless control making it the professional pilot's choice. The Edge can take off and land anywhere, even in high winds, without the need for nets, catapults, or other cumbersome ground equipment. An intuitive touchscreen ground control station makes autonomous or manual flying easy.

Technical Specifications

Description Specification
Vehicle mass 1,200g
Wingspan 130 cm
Length 80 cm
Height 25 cm
Maximum payload mass 300 g
Energy storage Lithium-ion
Comm Frequencies 900 Mhz Telemetry / 2.4 GHz Manual Control
Hover stability System Patented Tilt-Rotor Pods
Auto Transition Technology Transition between hover and forward flight with ease
Maximum Altitude 1000m
Maximum wind tolerance 21m/s
Cruise speed 14 m/s
Endurance (95% cruise) 112 minutes
Endurance (hoover only) 34 minutes

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