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Speed. Efficiency. Coverage.

Up to 60 times faster than manual spraying, The DJI Agras MG-1P is an octocopter (8 rotors) designed for precision, variable rate application of liquid pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides. This technology is bringing new levels of efficiency and manageability to the agricultural sector. It can carry a 10kg liquid payload and spray 7-10 acres with pinpoint precision each hour.

Innovative Insights. Increased Efficiency.

With a 3km control and video transmission range, a single controller can operate up to five MG-1P aircraft at once.
A new MG-P1 spraying system that doubles the service life of the pump and can spray up to 10 acres per hour.
Highly-accurate D-RTK navigation and positioning that offers centimetre-level precision and a dual-antenna for precise direction-finding.
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Multi-directional detection and obstacle avoidance radar that is highly rugged, dustproof and water-resistant.
Features a high-resolution front-facing ‘live’ transmission camera with a 123-degree wide-angle lens and bright searchlight for night operation.
High-function application software allowing intelligent operation planning, easy to monitor programs and multiple control modes.

Speed, power and highly-efficient and cost effective crop spraying.

This powerful 8-rotor agricultural spraying drone can carry up to 10kg of liquid payloads including pesticide and fertilizer. It has a combination of speed, power and an intelligent spraying system that automatically adjusts its spray and coverage according to any given flying speed. This not only ensures consistent coverage and crop protection but minimises groundwater pollution and dramatically improves cost efficiencies. The MG-P1 also has an intelligent memory function so when it requires refilling, it will return to its last memory point to continue spraying without waste and without missing any crops. For the operator, The custom DJI remote has a low low-energy display panel that gives real-time flight information and lasts for extended periods on a single charge.

Technical specifications

  • Aircraft
  • Spray System
  • Remote Controller
Description Specification
Dimensions MG-1P: 1460×1460×578 mm | MG-1P RTK: 1460×1460×616 mm
Total Weight (without battery) 9.7 kg
Max Takeoff Weight 24.8 kg (at sea level)
Max Power Consumption 6400 W
Hovering Time 20min (@12000 mAh & 13.7 kg takeoff weight) 9 min (@12000 mAh & 23.7 kg takeoff weight)
Max Operating Speed 7 m/s
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level 2000 m
Spray System
Description Specification
Volume 10 L
Standard Operating Payload 10 kg
Recommended Nozzle TX-VK8 (0.525L/min)
Droplet Size (XR11001VS) 130 - 250 μm (subject to working environment and spraying speed)
Remote Controller
Description Specification
Model GL300N
Operating Frequency 5.725 - 5.850 GHz (China, USA)
Max Transmission Range NCC/FCC: 5 km; SRRC/CE/MIC/KCC: 3 km
Output Power 16W

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