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Workswell WIRIS Agro
Workswell WIRIS Agro
Workswell WIRIS Agro
Workswell WIRIS Agro
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Workswell WIRIS Agro
Workswell WIRIS Agro

Workswell WIRIS Agro

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The Workswell WIRIS Agro R is the first device of its kind. Designed to map water stress across large areas, the Agro has a critical role to play in the field of precision agriculture. The device facilitates the determination of the water stress value in a given stand of plants. This information can then be used to determine yield maps, optimize irrigation, and fine-tune water management strategies.

CWSI onboard processingEvaluation of Crop Water Stress Index (CWSI) onboard in real-time as well as temperature value
Operating onboard systemCWSI OS for full real-time data streaming and evalution during the flight
– operating system ensures the full access to all camera functions
– easy camera control via S.Bus, CAN bus, MavLink, RJ-45 or Trigger
10x Optical Antivibration zoomFull HD 10x optical zoom camera with anti-vibration compensation
CWSI camera specification
CWSI sensor resolution640 x 512 pixels
CWSI evaluationWorkswell patented CWSI camera technology based on crop water stress index (normalized to value from 0 to 1) brings information about the crop stress and crop water management on large areas. The information can then be used to determine yield maps, manage irrigation or implement water management related remedies.
FPA active sensor size1.088 x 0.8705 cm
RadiometryLWIR band sensor
CWSI evaluation range0 – 1 (1 means very stressed)
Temperature sensitivity0.03 °C (30 mK, 0.054 °F)
CWSI calibrationYes, calibrated for different ambient temperatures
Field of view of the lens45°
CWSI Colour-map4 colour maps for CWSI and Water management evaluation
CWSI range settingsAutomatic, manual or span
CWSI digital zoom1 – 14x continuous
Software CWSI analyzerYes, included in the package