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Weather View32 PRO edition

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All the features of the Standard Edition as well as able to upload/ download from the internet as often as every five minutes. Publish weather data on the internet as images and/ or html pages. Download METAR data, satellite images, web cam images, and text forecasts. All features enabled. Animate satellite images. Alarms via numeric page or email. Email current data at specified times daily. And much, much more.,Available for Capricorn II and II+, Capricorn 2000, Davis Weather Monitor II/Weather Wizard III, Davis Vantage Pro and Vantage Pro 2, Peet Brothers Ultimeter, Radio Shack WX-200, Radio Shack Wireless, Oregon Scientific WM-918 / WMR-918 / WMR-968, WMR-928N, WeatherMax, RainWise WS-2000 and MKIII, Texas Weather Instruments One Wire stations, and all Texas Weather Instruments weather stations.