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Vortex 250 PRO Hardware Pack

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The Hardware Kit for the Vortex Pro 250 includes all screws, nuts, and aluminium standoffs to rebuild a damaged Vortex 250.


In the box:

  • 4x Aluminium Nut
  • 4x Aluminium Screw
  • 1x M2 H Hut
  • 1x M2x12 CHC screw
  • 1x MA2x6 screw
  • 4x BN19 Hex socket button hex screw M3x5
  • 16x BN19 Hex socket button hex screw M3x8
  • 28x BN19 Hex socket button head screw M3x12
  • 2x M3x20.5 standoff (anodized black)
  • 12x M3x15 Standoff hexagonal 5.5mm for ESC covers
  • 4x M3x5 Screw black plastic
  • 4x Hex Standoff M3x8 Black Plastic