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UPS240-1210 - 10A Uninterruptable Battery Backed Power Supply

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Weight: 1.5 kg

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10A Uninterruptable Battery Backed Power Supply



  • Auto changeover without interruption upon mains failure
  • 10A auto 2 stage charger
  • Low voltage disconnect to protect battery
  • High efficiency switch mode technology
  • Compact and lightweight anodised aluminium heatsink construction

AC Input Voltage 240V
Input Current 1.3A max
Voltage 13.8V at No Load
Output Current (A) Approx. Max. 10A
Battery Low Voltage Disconnect Protection 9.7V to 10V
Efficiency (Approx) 85%
Indicators AC Power and Back Up
Protection Overload, Over Voltage,
Short Circuit, Reverse Polarity
Cooling Fan, Load Activated
Weight 1.3 Kg
Dimensions [LxWxH] 233mm x 115mm x 70mm