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Ultimeter Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

Ultimeter Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge - Sphere
Ultimeter Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge - Sphere

Ultimeter Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

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Weight: 1.26 kg Key Features:
  • Stainless steel tipping axle, for freer motion and greater longevity.
  • Features larger-volume buckets than other tipping bucket gauges, to resist jamming (common in smaller-bucket designs) caused by dust, pollen, webs, etc.  The larger the bucket volume, the more water weight "horsepower" for driving the tipping action.
  • They have larger collector diameters (8 inches!) than comparable gauges. The larger the diameter, the better the sampling of rainfall.
  • More accurate because of high vertical sidewalls to prevent splash-out of rain from the collector funnel.
  • Each gauge is individually calibrated for optimum accuracy.
  • They can be left outdoors in winter conditions without damage.
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The Ultimeter TB Rain Gauge features a proven tipping bucket design.  Inside each rain gauge is a balanced "see-saw" bucket mechanism.  The bucket has a divider wall across the middle, separating it into two halves, each shaped like a miniature coal shovel, with high sides and an open end.  The rain gauge's funnel top feeds rain water into one of the half-buckets.  As soon as the correct amount of water has been collected, the "see-saw" tips the other way, automatically emptying the water and positioning the other half-bucket for collecting rainfall.  Each time the bucket tips, .01" of rainfall is added to the accumulated total on the Ultimeter weather station.  8-inch diameter collector funnel, for superior rainfall sampling. 


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