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Ultimeter PRO Rain Gauge w/100' Cable

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  • Superb accuracy and extraordinary reliability 
  • Although it empties itself automatically, it has absolutely no adjustments and no moving parts - the long term accuracy and reliability are molded in!
  • Operating on a drop-counting principle, it senses every one-thousandth inch of rain and reports each one-hundredth inch back to the Ultimeter Weather Station. 
  • In spite of its amazing resolution, the PRO gauge can handle "world record" class rain rates of more than 10 inches per hour!
  • It is 5 1/8" high and has a maximum diameter of 4 1/2". 
  • It can mount directly on a 1" pvc post (not included) or on an optional universal mounting bracket. 
  • Comes with a 40 foot, 4-conductor cable that makes power and signal connections to the junction box of an ULTIMETER 100, 500, 700, 800, 2000, or 2100 Weather Station

(Note:  the Pro Rain Gauge is not compatible with the ULTIMETER II because the II keyboard is not able to supply regulated voltage to operate the gauge.)

Accuracy of the PRO gauge starts with its exclusive parabolic funnel that traps wind driven rain so it won't splash out. Rain is funnelled into a precision drop forming tube, much like those you'd see in a hospital IV bottle. Each uniform drop coming out of the tube is equivalent to exactly 0.001 inches of rain. Each uniform drop falling from the tube is detected by four gold plated sensing electrodes that signal an electronic counting circuit. After each ten drops this circuit sends a signal to the Ultimeter keyboard indicating that another hundredth  inch of rain has fallen. 

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ULTIMETER PRO Rain Gauge, 100 ft. cable