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Ultimeter Large Alum Weather Picture

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Weight: 2.0 kg

BIG 0.8" RED L.E.D. NUMERALS - easily read from across the room. 
COMPATIBLE - Add to any existing ULTIMETER Weather Station. Display the Weather Picture on the wall and details on your desk. 
CONFIGURABLE - each identical numeric display is microprocessor controlled, so it can be set and labeled to display the data item and measurement units you desire. 
SIZES:  11.25" high x 15.25" wide brushed aluminum and 14.25 high x 18.25 wide, solid oak. 
STYLE: Elegant Oak frame
FLEXIBLE: Accepts data from the serial output of an ULTIMETER 2100, 2000, 800, or 100 Weather Station in either the data logger mode or complete record mode. 
COMPLETE: Includes powerful 12 volt ac adapter and a 15 ft. split-end connecting cable for power and data.

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Large Alum Weather Picture